• five-stars copy This is one of the best open MRI facilities in the area.  I went to an MRI center in Pompano and they were rude and the place looked gross.  South Florida Imaging has a beautiful MRI office and I highly recommend this place for your MRI exam.
    Mayra G.
  • five-stars copy I got an MRI check-up at South Florida Imaging.  What a fantastic crew.
    Tony A.
  • five-stars copy This open MRI center in Boca Raton was great.  They got me in right away and I wasn’t claustrophobic at all.
    Trisha D.
  • five-stars copy This MRI center wasn’t too far from my Deerfield Beach home.  I didn’t mind the drive to Boca and they saw me right away.  No wait time for my MRI and they were the only MRI center I found that was open on Saturday!
    Will B.
  • five-stars copy I didn’t have insurance so South Florida Imaging took care of my MRI scan for cash.  I brought my script for a knee MRI and was seen the same day!
    Ashton M.