• five-stars copy I got an MRI check-up at South Florida Imaging.  What a fantastic crew.
    Tony A.
  • five-stars copy I needed an MRI but didn’t have any insurance.  South Florida Imaging charged me cash and I am very happy I went there.  Very friendly staff!  They gave me a huge discount compared to other MRI centers in Broward and Palm Beach!
    Michael T.
  • five-stars copy I got my MRI’s done here for a great price.  They negotiated with me because I paid cash for the scan.
    Peter A.
  • five-stars copy I didn’t have insurance so South Florida Imaging took care of my MRI scan for cash.  I brought my script for a knee MRI and was seen the same day!
    Ashton M.
  • five-stars copy I needed an MRI near me.  I found South Florida Imaging online and I sure am glad.
    Ivy S.